Daima Token
Daima Token Features
$Daima Token is a completely Innovated defi Token
$Daima Token is a Completely Innovated Token that integrates Two-way Tax, Double Auto-claim Dividends rewards, Auto-Buyback & Burn, Auto-Liquidity Acquisition, Anti-Dump, Anti-bot Exploit all together .

2️0% BNB (8% from buy + 12% from sell) of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders in BNB. Hold $Daima tokens, earn BNB. Minimum holdings: 200,000 Daima Tokens.

5️% BANANA (2% from buy+ 3% from sell) of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders in BNB. Hold $Daima Token, earn $BANANA. Minimum holdings: 200,000 Daima Tokens.

You don’t need to claim your earned BNB & BANANA. It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes. Note: in periods of lower volume this may take longer, but you always get your BNB and BANANA.

Based on volume & liquidity analysis, 4% of every transaction is transformed either into liquidity on ApeSwap or into Daima Token automatic Buyback & burn fund. Once the system detects a sell, it will automatically buy back a certain value of tokens and burn. It’s automatic and helps create a either higher price floor for stability or pump the price and rarify token.

Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked for 1 year. Daima token contract has been tested on BSC Testnet before deployment and also audited by;
  • Wen Audit ✅ Audit Report
  • audits.finance ✅ Audit Report

Sells are restricted to less than 0.05% of the total supply. Buys have 0.5% limitation. So we will only see big buys and never see a big dump.

The Buyback and Burn will only cover the same sell value under a certain threshold. So massive bot-triggered micro-sells will not dry out the buyback fund.

2% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing and 2% allocated to the #Save Parrot Wildlife Donation wallet in BNB (swapped to BNB in real time to avoid dumps).
Always set slippage at 16% when you buying Daima Token.
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Reflection Reward In BNB
Reflection Reward In BANANA
Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes
4% Auto Liquidity Pool and Auto BuyBack & Burn
Anti-bot Exploit
4% Big Marketing Plan and Donation