Daima Token
Donation #Save Parrot in Jungle
#TRADE #SAVE Parrot in the Jungle
Daima Token is not only a innovate double reward token but also has been created to save the Parrot Wildlife in Jungle through Monthly donation which will be received from our community by just buying , Trading Daima Token where 2% Tax is deducted and send to Donation Wallet to save the Parrot in Jungle at risk.
We will be donating to different organizations that are working tiresomely to save life of these wonderful birds around the Global.
Daima Team will always support through Donation to the different NGOs that focus on saving the parrot wildlife in Jungle because we believe we need to converse the wildlife for the future together .
Parrots around the Global face a lot of threats which are; 1. Habitat Loss. 2. Climate Change 3. Wildlife Trade.
Support the incentive by supporting Daima Token in this way you will save a parrot life .
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